Modern Country Pairings

Modern Country interior design pairings

Looking for a few new pieces for your modern country inspired design? Read on to see why we think these three pieces play well together without being too matchy-matchy. Common elements include:

  • Nuetral fabrics
  • Weathered wood
  • Grey coloring
  • Rustic textures
  • Brass accents

The Sandy Wing Chair

Sandy Wing Chair

The Sandy Wing Chair has tailoring in shimmery sand with Teflon fabric protector and brass nail accents. The exposed frame is solid wood with reinforced joinery and a hand applied, weathered black finish.

Giles Aged Wood Barn Door Wall Art

Giles Aged Wood Barn Door Art

The Giles Aged Wood Barn Door Wall Art features the look of white washed fir wood panels that are character rich in antique details like iron reinforcement strapping, circular door knockers and rivet trim, all finished in aged bronze with rust accents.

Tricarico Lamp

Tricarico Lamp

The Tricarico Lamp features a textured ceramic finish in an old-stone bronze with a dusty-gray wash and heavily antiqued brushed aluminum accents. The rectangle bell shade is an oatmeal linen fabric with natural slubbing.

Giles Aged Wood Barn Door Art

Rustic home decor ideas to cozy up to

As summer fades into fall, the colors and textures of the season begin to change too. While in Florida we are still months from anything close to cool temperatures, many areas of the country are gearing up for cooler months when they will spend more time indoors.

Rustic interior design elements can add warmth and a sense of timelessness to any room. Looking for inspiration to add a rustic element to your home as you count down the days to cooler temps? Check out a few of our favorites and follow us on Pinterest for other interior design ideas.

Nature-inspired art adds life to your interior design

From rugs to wall art, from sculptures to lighting, nature-inspired art and interior design can bring peace and beauty to your home.

Vincent Van Gogh

“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.”

Vincent Van Gogh

If you are inspired by nature and love to bring the look and feel of the outdoors into your home, explore some of Carolyn Kinder International’s nature-inspired art.

Duke Modern Elephant Sculpture

Animal inspired interior design accessories

If you are wild about animals and the not-so-human interest they can bring to a room, you are not alone.

While animal print rugs, fabric and wallpaper can make a huge impact, don’t forget to consider animal-inspired art and accessories to add a little wild life to your next interior design project.

Check out some of our favorite designs:Duke Modern Elephant Sculpture

The Duke Modern Elephant Sculpture features a striking geometric style with a cool grey ombre finish and highlighted edges.

Matty the Cow

Mooooove over Mootilda, Matty the Cow is here. This bovine beauty stands artfully abstracted in her pink and purple pasture. She’s sure to be the focal point of any room and the center of every conversation.

navya sculptures

The Navya Sculptures feature antiqued silver birds perched atop lightly antiqued concrete cube bases.

Blue Marlin Hand Painted Wall Art

The Blue Marlin Hand Painted Wall Art is heavily textured using vibrant blues, greens, browns, brick red, warm ochre and grays. A 3-dimensional effect is achieved by using pieces of iron for the ribs of the fish.

Perched Parrot Sculpture

The Perched Parrot Sculpture features lightly antiqued gold leaf, and an open iron parrot perched atop an aged-black pine wood pillar.

Anatole Woven Horse Statuary

Woven wire makes an intuitive medium to illustrate the flowing lines of the equestrian form. A popular and evocative way of depicting this magnificent animal, Carolyn Kinder International captures calm beauty in the Anatole Woven Horse Statuary.

Wild Horses Sculpture

Designed by Carolyn Kinder International, Wild Horses Sculpture is comprised of three, running wild horses finished in an antique gold leaf, set on a matte black base.

Tajiri Giraqffe Sculpture

Designed by Carolyn Kinder, the Tajiri Giraffe Sculpture is a pierced, cast iron giraffe set on a tan travertine base. Caught in mid stride, this abstract art piece is always a conversation starter.

Carolyn Kinder Mysterious Wall Art

Mysterious Wall Art is a 3-dimensional artwork has the look of thin strips of wood arranged in a pattern to create an abstract face of an animal. A thin, gold gallery frame completes the outer edge of this mesmerizing piece.

Las Vegas Market

Las Vegas Summer Market

Las Vegas Market

The Las Vegas Summer Market, held July 28-Aug. 2, 2018, features 4,000+ exhibitors and more than 250,000 interior design products.

Check out this year’s Carolyn Kinder products at the Las Vegas Market. Uttermost Showroom, WMC – B400 and B420.

Get details on the Las Vegas Market, including hours of operation.

Rafello Modern Industrial Mirror

The value of mirrors in #interiordesign

Everyone knows that a perfectly placed mirror multiples the beauty in your #interiordesign and multiplies the light and space in a room. It can also reflect your well-placed art, lamps, furniture and accessories as well as a beautiful view outside a nearby window.

Rafello Modern Industrial Mirror

Rafello’s chain and loop motif has a versatile appeal that help it to “link” with many interior design styles from Industrial to Modern Farmhouse. The lines are contemporary, but the materials and finish crate a relaxed transitional statement.

Available in all shapes and sizes, take a few minutes to browse our beautiful, unique mirror designs.

Dayla Accent Chair

Top quality chairs for your interior design project

Never underestimate the value of a top quality chair. Comfort is everything when it comes to selecting a chair for your next interior design project.

Curious how chairs are made? Take a peek at the process that goes into the creating one of the hundreds of design samples we produce each season. The process in it’s simplest form goes something like this:

  1. Artists Concept Sketch
  2. CAD development
  3. Raw body review
  4. Material and detail choices
  5. Finished sample review

Take a look at some of our most popular chair designs:

slate table lamp

Outdoor living design ideas

No matter what time of year it is, Floridians really get their money’s worth out of their outdoor living spaces.

Our indoor/outdoor slate lighting collection was featured recently in an article in the Concord Monitor’s Home & Garden section entitled Outdoor Entertaining with Style:

“At Uttermost, find a collection of hand-carved slate and hammered copper indoor/outdoor
table lamps by designer Carolyn Kinder of St. Petersburg, Fla.”

Visit our Outdoor Living Design Board on Pinterest for details.

Nina Candle Sconce

Candle holders and sconces that bring a cozy glow to any room

Looking for a the perfect way to bring warmth and light to your #interiordesign? Check out Carolyn Kinder International’s most popular candle holders and sconces on Pinterest.

Follow us on Pinterest for regular design updates.


Carolyn Kinder Aliso Lamp

Interior Design Style #5: Transitional

Coloring outside the lines

We have talked a lot about different design styles and trends on our blog, and we will continue to offer our take on different looks for your home. Today, however, we will share our philosophy of blurring the lines between style labels to bring you products with a Trendless, Timeless, Well-Traveled appeal.

Carolyn Kinder Aliso Lamp

For more than 40 years Carolyn Kinder International has designed and developed home decor products with thoughtful, unexpected combinations of material, shape and finish. Each concept is created with a relentless focus on detail and a clarity of style that is easy to identify.

One of the reasons for our continued success over the years has been a conscious effort to avoid style labels, fashion fads or industry trends. Our transitional style blends the comfort and warmth of traditional design with clean lines and simple profiles to create classic, timeless designs. And our deliberate, understated neutral color palate gives each piece we bring to market a versatile appeal that is easy to place with any design style.

Of course, we are impacted and influenced by the world around us and many of our products mingle well with specific style groups, but the beauty of transitional style is that they will work just as well anywhere. One of the biggest trends is to not follow trends. Sounds strange, but more and more consumers are adapting, more eclectic groupings of home decor items that represent their own personal style.

Carolyn Kinder said it best many years ago:

“The quality of a person’s home is a huge part of the quality of their life. People put things that they love in their home, things that bring them comfort and warmth and memories and style and individuality – all the things that make home – home.”

Transitional designs and the art of mixing calls it “the art of mixing” and gives these tips on how to incorporate transitional design into your home:

  • Stay neutral with your color choice, allowing the lines of the furniture to take center stage.
  • Incorporate textural elements such as wood, glass, lacquer, rattan, fabric, steel and metal.
  • Limit the use of accessories; you are adding artful details through your mix of furnishings and fabrics, and you don’t want to confuse the eye.
  • Choose impactful art, but use it sparingly. In most cases, one large piece on the wall is better than an arrangement of small pieces.