The Origins of Style

For decades we have described Carolyn Kinder International designs as trendless, timeless and well-traveled. Knowing the origins or stories behind the interior design items we place in our personal spaces is what makes them treasured.

About our origins

Our founder, Carolyn Kinder, was born with an innate sense of curiosity. Her love of beautiful, unique objects began early as she traveled the world as a child of a military family, gathering trinkets along the way.  The mix of cultural influences in Carolyn’s early years helped her to connect with people and places around the world. This open world view would eventually lead to her “Trendless, Timeless, Well-Traveled Style”. Read more about our founder.

Style and your personal journey

The origin or story of a person’s style speaks to their own personal journey – a journey that takes us to new places and experiences throughout our lives. For some, the items they choose for their home or office enable them to relive memories of places they’ve traveled to. Sometimes they makes us nostalgic for the craftsmanship or traditions of the past. It can even be a feeling we get from a culture we admire that has very little to do with our own culture.

We are excited to see that an origins approach to style is gaining popularity. Explore some of our favorite designs. Maybe you will discover your next great home decor treasure.

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