About Us

Operating from offices in the United States and inspired by cultures around the world, the Carolyn Kinder collection is eclectic and the textures timeless, visionary, and elegant. We have spent decades listening to the needs of the marketplace and share our vision with the world. As a leader in the industry, you can rely on our research capability, technological advancements, fashion savvy and international sourcing capabilities to develop products that deliver optimum results. We create timeless pieces your customers will buy…heirloom quality that will bring them back again and again.

Proven Leadership

Guided by the vision our Founder Carolyn Kinder, our design team continues to create innovative new designs that speak of the timeless, trendless, well-traveled style our customers keep coming back for. The success of this vision is why Carolyn Kinder International continues to be a leader in today’s home décor market.

Design Innovators

While our proprietary finishes and other unique product specifications may take extra manufacturing effort, we know how to effectively produce artistic, hand-crafted designs. As designers with hands-on manufacturing experience, our approach ensures that form meets function. Design for manufacturability is one of our keys to success.

Carolyn Kinder, Founder

Carolyn Kinder designing
Carolyn Kinder, Founder, Carolyn Kinder International

Carolyn Kinder was born with an innate sense of artistic wonderment and curiosity. Her love of beautiful, unique objects began early as she traveled the world as a child of a military family, gathering trinkets along the way.  The mix of cultural influences in Carolyn’s early years helped her to develop an effortless connectivity with people and places around the globe. This open world view would eventually lead to Carolyn’s ethos of “Trendless, Timeless, Well-Traveled Style”. Read more about our founder.