Mid-Century Modern Design Pairings

Mid-Century Modern Decor Ideas

Looking for Mid-Century Modern decor ideas? Need a little inspiration to add a bit of the contemporary or Mid-Mod feeling to your next design project? See why we think these three complement one another. Common elements include:

  • Brushed brass/gold finishes
  • Repeating spherical shapes
  • Contemporary lines

Learn more about these beautiful designs below.

Tolosa Lamp

Carolyn Kinder Tolosa Lamp

The Tolosa table lamp has a futuristic, contemporary feel but it plays well in a mid-mod setting as well. The lines are clean and the shapes are intriguing, but the exquisitely executed brushed brass finish gives this lamp a versatility that makes it easy to place in any home.

Headlights Abstract Art

Headlights Abstract Art

Hand painted on canvas, our Headlights Abstract Art has large, textured brush strokes of charcoal, grey, gold, and silver making this neutral painting easy to use in today’s Modern and Mid-Century Modern spaces. This painting can be hung vertically or horizontally.

Eliana Candle Holders

Elianna Candle Holders

Elianna’s story starts with stunning heavily textured hand-made glass that is warmed with flecks of gold. Adding the clean contemporary lines of the brushed brass stands creates a contrast of shape and material that make these Carolyn Kinder candle holders unique and alluring.

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