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HIGH POINT, NC, October 17, 1996 – – – Stanley Home Décor will premiere its new designer decorative wall mirror collection, created by award-winning home décor designer Carolyn Kinder, at the International Home Furnishings Market in High Point, NC, October 17-25, 1996.

Stanley’s new wall décor collection features fresh, imaginative, timeless designs that, according to Kinder, “should instantaneously establish Stanley Home Décor as a market leader.”Kinder’s collection of more than 30 molded, iron and compo frames reflect a look of casual elegance prevalent in many of today’s interior designs. “In our homes, we’re replacing very formal, seldom-used rooms with livable, attractive surroundings that we can enjoy every day. People are looking for quality and style without the formality. This is exactly the feeling we captured in our new mirror collection.”

Carolyn Kinder, President, CEO and Design Director of home furnishings products company, Carolyn Kinder, Inc., teamed with Stanley Home Décor to develop an upscale line of wall mirror frames specifically for the furniture market and specialty store channels. “We knew that with Carolyn’s talent and vision, Stanley Home Décor could make a real impact in this market,” said Stanley Home Décor Marketing Manager Mary Ellen Leary. “The designs are striking and original, yet classic so they blend beautifully with many interiors. Our collaboration with Carolyn Kinder has resulted in an abundance of new solutions in wall décor that consumers should find irresistible.

Stanley Home Décor’s new designer mirror collection features molded, iron and compo frames. Large, bold frames with rich detail and an ethnic flair characterize the molded frame collection. Old world European and Marrakesh influences mark several large molded frames, including a round with elephants, a neo-classical distressed-finish horizontal, a ribbed arch, a carved leaf arch with pineapples and columns, and a round with a carved leaf motif.

Kinder believes the ethnicity of the frames is significant, since “styles that were popular 800 or 900 years ago are still popular and accepted today; we simply updated them with a more cosmopolitan finish. These are smart looking mirrors with an easy-to-live-with style.”

An American culture theme is honored in Kinder’s iron Victorian style frames. Featuring iron frames in popular shapes, the collection includes a tied arch, a closed and open circle, an arch with prism accent, and combination iron and molded frame mirrors. “Iron is very popular in furniture today, so it is fitting to complement that furniture with iron mirrors. I took classic, accepted looks and added original accenting and finishes to expand these designs,” said Kinder.

The compo finish and wood frame series celebrates pattern and texture. Using vivid detail and elegant styling, Kinder created an extraordinary collection of large fashion mirrors including a leopard pattern, leather textured, pyramid style and deco paisley pattern, all in exquisite finishes. “These mirrors add interest to a room. They’re large, richly detailed, but understated,” said Kinder.“Adding a sizeable mirror to a room is compelling, as it multiplies light and space. It becomes dramatic when the mirror is surrounded by a stunning decorative frame,” added Kinder.

The new Stanley Home Décor Collection featuring Carolyn Kinder designs will be displayed at The Stanley Home Décor Showroom, C&D building, Suite 4C, from October 17-25, 1996. Photos/slides are available upon request.

Stanley Home Décor, a division of The Stanley Works located in New Britain, Connecticut, operates manufacturing facilities in Chatsworth and San Dimas, California; Tupelo, Mississippi; Brampton, Ontario Canada; Marquett Lez Lille, France; and Sheffield, Great Britain. For all its products, Stanley uses premium quality materials, conducts thorough quality control checks and employs an independent outside laboratory for product testing. Product development and design for all Stanley Home Décor products, components and hardware are based on extensive consumer market research. Stanley Home Décor handles all customer inquiries and provides a toll-free customer service Help Line between 8 a.m – 5 p.m. EST.

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