Interior Design Basics #1: What is Rough Luxe?

Rough Luxe, while not a new design term, is increasingly popular and often associated with today’s trending modern country home design movement. If you love the old and the new, like most people, then read on. You will find yourself right at home with Rough Luxe.


Simple, right? A common design principle is seen at work in this style: pairing styles to create contrast. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are few examples of this style. Read on for a list of Rough Luxe style characteristics to watch for.


On the rough side

On the rustic side of this style, you’ll find a wide variety of interior design features that speak authentically of the past. For example:

  • Nail heads
  • Patina finish
  • Distressed wood and metal
  • Rusted iron
  • Burlap
  • Rope
  • Antique furniture and fabrics
  • Edison light bulbs
  • Whitewashed finishes
  • Antique photographs

On the luxury side

In contrast, the luxury side of Rough Luxe style is much more than items only found in the homes of the rich and famous. Luxury can also speak to the more modern, pristine interior design characteristics like:

  • Gold, silver and other shiny finishes
  • Ornate frames
  • Glass and crystal
  • Alumnimum and steel
  • Intricate wood detail
  • Velvet fabric
  • Jewel accents

Now comes the fun part

The best part of making choices for a rooms interior design style is making it personal. You may already have some family heirlooms or cherished pictures that you can build on. A wall gallery of old black and white family pictures in thin black and white frames with wide white matting is perfectly at home in this style.

How much rough and how much luxe you add to your decor is a personal choice. Looking for ideas or new pieces to add to your new Rough Luxe style? Check out the products our designers feel fit in with the Rough Luxe style today.

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