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BOLOGNA, ITALY, March 1 – – – At the 1995 SACA exposition held here last week, Carolyn Kinder presented her line of “Kinder Originals” embossed matboards to Europe and the international market, and announced Lazzaris Finanziaria srl, or Treviso, Italy a their master distributor.

Kinder Original Sheets are embossed foil matboards currently available in 6 finishes and 5 different patterns. These beautiful sheets lend themselves to virtually unlimited creative applications, as fillets,panels, borders, bevel wraps, inner mats, outer mats, full mats, or even as an integral part of the art itself. These matboards were designed by Carolyn Kinder, and are handmade at her factory in St. Petersburg, Florida.

A slightly larger line of Kinder Originals, consisting of 7 finishes and 8 patterns, has been successfully marketed in the United States and Canada for over a year. They are currently available through a number of national and regional distributors, as well as from the manufacturer. A sister product, Essential Accents, an extensive collection of embossed metallic fillet strips also designed and manufactured by Carolyn Kinder, is marketed nationally by Crescent Cardboard.

Lazzaris is also the manufacturer of several lines of Carolyn Kinder-designed moulding. Introduced last year at the 1994 SACA show in Bologna, Italy, these mouldings are currently available through several major distributors including Larson-Juhl, Victor Moulding, and Robert F. de Castro in the U.S., Cadres Verbec in Canada, and Arquati, in the U.K. and Europe. The 1995 SACA exposition saw the introduction of three new lines of moulding designed by Carolyn Kinder. New lines for the Kinder collection were presented by Marino Villi of Florence, Bussolari Cornici of Bologna, and Profilnoce of Treviso.

Ms. Kinder, an award-wining designer and a well-known figure in the home accessories industry, has recently turned her creative skills to the art of the framing industry. In addition to her exceptional collections of picture frame mouldings, she has also created a line of unique hand finished, embossed matboards and fillet strips.

Currently, design work continues on additional collections of mouldings, new finishes, new matboards, and numerous other art and framing products.

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