Kinder International: A Peek Behind The Curtain

Kinder International: A Peek Behind The Curtain 

 Original article appeared: April 2, 2016 Linda Longo Inside Lighting-Lighting Technology

Ever wonder how the products in retail stores or at the major home furnishing markets are made?  Recently Linda Longo Editorial Director of enLIGHTenment Magazine, visited the Kinder International showroom in Changan China and was given a look inside a few of our many artisan factories.  Our Changan showroom and development offices is where our products, conceptualized by our global team of award winning designers, come to life under the direction of our Design Director, John Whitman.

enLIGHTenment Magazine - April 2016Linda Longo shares, “I’ve been privileged to tour a half-dozen factories in the U.S. over the years – plus two factories in Europe – so I am familiar with the basics of manufacturing lighting fixtures and accessories. How items are made in China, however, was still a mystery to me. I’ve heard good stories and I’ve heard bad ones, but I never have been able to see for myself until the iconic design team of Kinder International invited me to visit Mainland China where they manufacture their line of lamps and accessories.”

What this trip with Kinder International team showed me was that their factories in China offer high quality in mediums such as ceramics, finishing, and metalwork for decades.  Discovering who those small companies are, and nurturing those relationships, is the key to keeping product quality consistent.”, Linda expressed of her visit to Kinder factories.

Having the executive and design teams with established residences in China allows Kinder to continually cultivate those relationships and continue to provide the highest level of product quality in the industry.

Linda Longo’s next article will provide a closer look at the inner workings of “this globally successful design company and the team members who help keep Kinder International at the top of its game.”

For those of you who may never have the opportunity to visit a lighting or home accents factory in China, Kinder International invites you to schedule a tour today.

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