Industrial design movement continues to thrive

Inspired by the restoration of old factories, warehouses and other industrial buildings into urban residential homes and offices, the Industrial Design movement continues to thrive. Picture wide open spaces with soaring ceilings, imperfect concrete floors and exposed brick, pipes and steel.

And while most of us don’t live in a restored urban loft, you can still incorporate industrial design into your home or office décor.


The philosophy of Industrial Design

You may be a perfect candidate for industrial interior design if you connect with these ideas:

  • Unpretentious
  • Simplistic
  • Utilitarian
  • Pragmatic
  • Hard working
  • Historic

The colors and textures of Industrial Home Décor items

The colors of Industrial home décor are primarily a variety of shades of cool grey, black and white with warmth and texture added by:

  • Unfinished, weathered wood
  • Rough exposed brick and steel beams
  • Cast iron, stainless steel, aged copper or brass

Other materials that are common to this style include:

  • Concrete
  • Raw and burnished Steel
  • Galvanized or Corrugated metal
  • Aged or rusted Iron
  • Exposed steel beams

Looking for industrial home décor items

To add a bit of industrial flair to your home or office design, you can look for salvaged items like:

  • Old Street Signs
  • Vintage furniture
  • Faded oriental rugs
  • Salvaged bolts and gears

In addition to the salvaged items, look to add furniture, lighting and accessories that that have the same vibe.

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Pairing industrial with modern

Industrial home décor pairs well with modern or mid-century modern styles. The addition of new, modern elements that are in stark contrast to the sometimes chilly feeling of industrial design can really warm up a room.

For example, a huge abstract art piece with pops of saturated color can make a bold statement on a neutral concrete or painted brick wall. And black and white photography, old and new, with simple black framing will add a personal, historical touch.

Strictly speaking, most industrial spaces do not have window treatments or rugs, but the practicality and comfort of these items — as well as the impact of the juxtaposition of hard and soft, old and new – make these items at home in the industrial styled room.

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