Lisa Rustic Steel Canisters

Lisa Rustic Steel Canisters

Lisa Rustic Steel Canisters

The Lisa Rustic Steel Canisters feature hand grinding and polishing as well as warm brown heat coloring. Designed by Carolyn Kinder International, the deep brown hammer textured lids show hints of dark green, and the conical handles are finished with a black burnt wood stopper. Sizes: Sm-6x19x6, Lg-6x23x6


David Simpson

“These lidded steel canisters draw your eyes and entice your touch.  From the undulating burnished lines, warm root beer tint and heat color effects to the hammered lid and burnt wood stopper, they are functional eye candy.”

David SimpsonVice President, Product and Marketing

product details

Dimensions: 6 W X 23 H X 6 D (in); Weight (lbs):12